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English Babu Desi Mem 3: A Sequel That Never Happened

English Babu Desi Mem is a 1996 Bollywood romantic comedy film starring Shah Rukh Khan, Sonali Bendre and Saeed Jaffrey. The film tells the story of Vikram, a wealthy British-Indian businessman who returns to India after his brother's death and falls in love with Bijuriya, a cabaret dancer who is raising his orphaned nephew. The film was a moderate success at the box office and received mixed reviews from critics .

However, many fans of the film have wondered what would happen if there was a sequel to the film. Some have even created fan-made posters and trailers for English Babu Desi Mem 3, a hypothetical third installment of the franchise. In this article, we will explore some of the possible scenarios and plotlines for English Babu Desi Mem 3, based on the fan-made content and our own imagination.


Scenario 1: Vikram and Bijuriya's son falls in love with an English girl

In this scenario, Vikram and Bijuriya have a son named Raj, who grows up in London and becomes a successful businessman like his father. Raj is engaged to an English girl named Lucy, who is also from a wealthy family. However, Raj's parents are not happy with his choice and want him to marry an Indian girl. They decide to take him to India for a vacation and introduce him to some potential brides. However, Raj is not interested in any of them and secretly keeps in touch with Lucy. He also meets Nisha, a bubbly and cheerful girl who works as a tour guide. Nisha is unaware of Raj's engagement and falls in love with him. Raj is also attracted to Nisha, but feels guilty about betraying Lucy. He has to choose between his love and his duty, while also dealing with his parents' pressure and Nisha's feelings.

Scenario 2: Vikram and Bijuriya's daughter falls in love with a desi boy

In this scenario, Vikram and Bijuriya have a daughter named Rani, who grows up in India and becomes a famous actress like her mother. Rani is independent and modern, but also respects her parents' wishes. She agrees to marry Karan, a rich and handsome NRI who lives in New York. However, on her way to the airport, she meets Raju, a poor and simple boy who works as a taxi driver. Raju is smitten by Rani's beauty and charm, and decides to follow her to New York. He manages to get a visa and a job as a waiter in the same hotel where Rani and Karan are staying. He tries to impress Rani with his innocence and humor, but also gets into trouble with Karan and his family. Rani is amused by Raju's antics, but also feels sorry for him. She starts to develop feelings for him, but is confused about her commitment to Karan. She has to choose between her heart and her career, while also dealing with her parents' expectations and Raju's dreams.

Scenario 3: Vikram and Bijuriya's nephew falls in love with an English babu

In this scenario, Vikram and Bijuriya's nephew Nandu, who was adopted by them in the first film, grows up in India and becomes a doctor like his father. Nandu is kind and humble, but also shy and introverted. He has never been in love or had a girlfriend. He goes to London for a medical conference, where he meets Lily, an English nurse who works at the same hospital. Lily is outgoing and adventurous, but also compassionate and caring. She is impressed by Nandu's intelligence and sincerity, and decides to show him around the city. She also introduces him to her friends and family, who are friendly and welcoming. Nandu is overwhelmed by Lily's attention and affection, but also feels out of place in her culture. He starts to fall in love with Lily, but is afraid of expressing his feelings. He has to overcome his insecurities and fears, while also dealing with his parents' surprise visit and Lily's ex-boyfriend.


These are some of the possible scenarios for English Babu Desi Mem 3, based on our imagination and fan-made content. Of course, these are not official or confirmed, and are only meant for entertainment and speculation. However, we hope that you enjoyed reading them and imagining what could have been. If you are a fan of English Babu Desi Mem, you can watch the original film on Netflix , or download the subtitles for it from Cinema Subtitles. You can also share your own ideas and opinions about English Babu Desi Mem 3 in the comments section below. Thank you for reading!


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