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On August 23 I said goodbye to my guiding light, and my last living parent.  For over 60 years I was nurtured by the two people that would most greatly influence my life.  As much as my father was my idol and whose life I tried to emulate, my mother was the most gracious, loving and humble individual you would meet.  I feel truly blessed to have spent so many years with the person who brought me into this world, who nurtured me, taught me right from wrong, and who demonstrated the Christian values that informed my upbringing.

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She was a task master at times, always ensuring that we completed our chores, did our homework, tended to any of our other responsibilities, and in general, did the right thing.   But her oversight was influenced by her love.  That loving discipline helped form the moral background for my life as well as my brothers.


Her life was characterized by service to others.  She was wholly committed to the church and its mission – the ministry of love to all those who stood in need – be it the shut-ins, the bereaved, the nursing home residents, the homeless, or the sick.  She was involved in church organizations as well as other community activities.  She always felt compelled to serve and to contribute through her involvement. 


Mom lived a rich life, experiencing so much during her 97 years, being a product of the depression and sharing a farm in Colorado with her parents and twelve siblings.   I always enjoyed hearing stories about memories from her lifetime.  I remember in particular the last few times I had to spend with her we talked about the good times, about her life, and her family.  She always enjoyed viewing old pictures and recalling events from her lifetime.


Mom had for some time spoken about her readiness to move on from this life.  But during those final days, I sensed a reluctance…. She loved her boys and while she was tired and feeble, she clung to life wanting to make sure her boys were okay.


She also expressed some fear that she would be forgotten.  I so often assured her that she would forever be in the hearts of her boys and all those that she had served and whose lives she had touched.


So today, if you can hear me Mom, I want to reassure that you will always be my guiding light, my comforter, my pillar of right, my conscience, and the memory of which will shepherd me through my remaining days, creating a light unto my feet and a light unto my path.

from Tim Baughman

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Tim Baughman, has

been a lifelong friend of the Hill's

EulogyTim Baughman
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Virginia's Final Resting Place

Seven Pines Baptist Church Cemetery

Seven Pines Road, Snelling, SC

GPS Coordinates:

Latitude: 33.2531, Longitude: -81.4522

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