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Understanding the concepts in football betting will help players easily grasp the rules and increase their chances of winning when placing bets. In today's article, we will introduce players international betting tips to the general handicap betting rules in football betting at current bookmakers.


The general handicap betting rule in football is considered one of the important terms that players in football betting must understand. Accordingly, the general handicap betting rule is often applied in cases where two teams participating in a match have a clear gap in class and performance.

Based on the actual situation, bookmakers often provide a certain number, called the handicap, to balance the betting odds and create excitement for the match. At the same time, the general handicap betting rule provided is also important information that helps players increase their ability to predict match results more easily.


To create a balanced situation for matches, bookmakers often offer many different general handicap betting rules. Depending on the football betting strategy and the amount of money wagered, players participating in reputable bookmakers can choose suitable betting forms.

Outright Betting Rule

The Outright Betting Rule is a form of betting predicting the overall result of the entire match or tournament. Specifically, players choose the team or athlete they believe will ultimately win.

Moneyline Betting Rule

Moneyline betting, also known as win-lose betting or score betting, is a form in which players predict and bet on which team will win or lose the match. Players can also bet on the team to win the season or tournament. This general handicap betting rule often appears in important matches, attracting a lot of attention.

Additionally, in the field of handicap betting, you may often encounter the phrase "The Field," which means all other competing opponents apart from the participating team. Therefore, if a player bets on "The Field" to win and any team other than the strong contender wins, the player will receive a bonus.

Over/Under Handicap Betting Rule

Over/Under betting is one of the forms of betting related to the total points scored in the match exceeding or falling below a certain ratio. Players can bet on the total number of goals, fouls, corner kicks, etc., of one of the two teams in the half or the entire match.

If the actual total points of the match after its conclusion exceed the over/under ratio, the winning result is Over. Conversely, if it is lower, the winning result is Under.

Handicap (HDP) Betting Rule

This is the form of betting chosen by many football players. In this, the team with the advantage in the match will be determined as the strong team. This handicap ratio is based on the winning probability of a team. This general handicap betting rule is provided by bookmakers to create balance for the match and add excitement to it.


After mastering the concepts and general rules of handicap betting in football, to secure victory, players need betting tips vip app to pocket some effective score prediction experiences. Whether a seasoned player or a novice, the following secrets will be the key to helping players dominate the game.

Understanding Match Information

For any type of betting, obtaining relevant information is crucial. Players should research player statistics, winning odds, starting lineups, form on the field, etc., to help them make the most accurate betting decisions. Ignoring this factor could be detrimental, as veteran players advise that thorough research into the match will increase the chances of winning bets.

Mastering Bet Types and Rules

As per the information on general handicap betting rules, this form of betting offers various levels of stakes. Depending on the type of bet, players can choose the appropriate stake amount. Paying close attention to understanding the rules of the game and the reward odds will help in making the most accurate betting decisions.

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The information provided about general handicap betting rules will help players gain a clearer understanding of this enticing betting form, enabling them to control the game and increase their chances of winning. Apply these above-mentioned betting secrets to the football betting arena and reap substantial profits.


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