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Fire Magazine is a Malayalam news magazine published by Kalakaumudi group. It is a fortnightly magazine that covers various topics such as politics, culture, society, literature, cinema, sports, and more. Fire Magazine is known for its investigative journalism and bold reporting. It also features stories, interviews, opinions, and reviews from prominent writers and personalities.

Fire Magazine was launched in 1988 by Sukumaran Mani, the editor-in-chief of Kalakaumudi group. The magazine aims to provide a platform for the voice of the common people and expose the corruption and injustice in the society. Fire Magazine has a loyal readership base across Kerala and abroad. It is available in both print and digital formats.


The digital version of Fire Magazine can be accessed online or through various apps such as Readwhere, JioNews, and Kaumudi Plus. The digital version offers the same content as the print version, along with some additional features such as audio, video, and interactive elements. The digital version also allows the readers to download the PDF files of the magazine issues and read them offline.

Fire Magazine is one of the most popular and respected Malayalam news magazines in the state. It has won several awards and accolades for its journalism and social service. Fire Magazine is also involved in various charitable and humanitarian activities such as providing relief to the flood victims, supporting the education of poor children, and organizing health camps.

Fire Magazine is a must-read for anyone who wants to stay updated with the latest news and views from Kerala and beyond. It is a magazine that challenges the status quo and sparks a fire in the minds of the readers.


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