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The Simple Path to Wealth: Discover the Easy Way to Achieve Financial Independence and a Rich, Free Life - Audiobook Download

This book by financial writer David Bach teaches one simple principal: automating your finances. From saving to paying off debt, this book posits that setting up your finances to manage themselves could help grow wealth over many years. This book lays out a plan that can be put into action in an afternoon and make a lasting impact.

In the number two spot on this list, author M.J. DeMarco distinguishes between life in the Slowlane (following the mainstream path to potential elderly wealth) and life in the Fastlane (the alternative path to extraordinary wealth). As a self-made millionaire, DeMarco advocates that the key to generating wealth lies in identifying a need and offering a solution. This is a good read for problem-solvers and entrepreneurs alike.

the simple path to wealth audiobook download

Joseph Kennedy married the devout and iron-willed Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald in 1914 and, after watching two games of the World Series in Philadelphia on their honeymoon, the couple began turning out a brood of nine children: Joseph Jr. arrived in 1915, and John in 1917, followed by five girls and two more boys, including Robert Kennedy in 1925. Joseph Kennedy nursed dreams of grand political success for his firstborn son as a path to social acceptance, and he was prepared to use his wealth and wits to choreograph Joe Jr.'s political ascent. Ever defiant, the patriarch enrolled young Joe Jr. and John in the elite private school Noble and Greenough in the 1920s, where bullies attacked them because of their Irish Catholic heritage. Of the two boys, Jack, at age seven, was the more frail; he was gaunt, with protruding ears, and because he had been frequently ill and had to convalesce for long periods, he had become a voracious reader. Joe, aged nine, was bigger, stronger, and healthier; he proudly wore the mantle of eldest, anointed son. Like his father, he was hot-tempered and resolved matters with his fists.


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