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See ANSI/IEEE-315 chapter 22 for the ANSI tags. See IEC 81346-2 for the IEC tags. I can only look these up on line, so I don't have a copy to send you. Best to have your company subscribe to the IEC standards through IEC direct. 60617 (a database), 81346-2 and 61082-1 (preparation of documents) would be the big 3.

I use Acad-e 2010 - so I do not have the newer catalogs yet. If the new catalog says 60617 in it - one can "Assume" it is compliant. I did a more thourough search into IEC 81346-2 and did find "FC". I had forgotten that IEC added a bunch of sub-types to the main class letters. "FC" is for a fuse with overcurrent protection. Just "F" would probably still be correct, though... The tags in the newer project may reflect sub-types. You would have to compare them against IEC 81346-2. (60617 just covers the geometry, not the tags.)

You need a copy of IEC81346-2. You can find the codes via Google as well. AutoCAD Electrical 2012 includes a new IEC60617 library that is based on IEC81346-2, including the optional 2-letter class designation codes. I have analyzed the library and thus far found no discrepancies between it and the list of optional 2-letter class designation codes referenced in IEC81346-2.

Note: The IEEE library is very flawed and I do not recommend using it at all. Whoever created the IEEE library for Autodesk thought that IEEE symbols use IEC61346-2 class designation codes. This is not correct. IEEE-315 contains its own unique table of class designation codes. But even if the supplied IEEE library was correct according to IEEE-315, it would be unwise to use it for industrial controls design. According to IEEE-315, "CR" stands for diode, while "DS" stands for pilot light. There are numerous differences which could lead to confusion for technicians in the controls industry. It is best to use the NFPA library for controls design in the U.S. IEEE class designations are commonly used for electronics design (i.e. circuit boards), not electrical design (i.e. industrial controls).

Glad to hear the IEC library is good, as well as the NFPA. Some positive news. Anyway - off my soapbox...One thing to note about the NFPA-79 standard is that it states that you use the old, "obsolete" JIC calss designations, but uses the IEEE symbol geometry. I have found in the past that this is a good approach to use for schematics done for stuff built here in the states and elsewhere. It is a recognized standard to design to, and a good compromize between the IEEE designations (I agree with Doug on those. Yuch.) and the more recognizable JIC designations. However - if the IEEE designations are mandated for whatever reason, you just have to suck it up and move on. The best bet there is to reference the standard on a title page or someplace fairly obvious so you can say you've done your "due-diligence" in preventing confusion. For more global work - I think you are on the right track wading into IEC. Most of the rest of the world uses it, and when you look at catalogs from most major component makers, the electrical symbols they use are more and more IEC. I will have an interesting journey ahead, as the company I work for uses IEC, and got bought by a company that uses the old JIC or ANSI standard. Be interesting to see who wins that collision!! Good luck!Scott Gensemer

We've decided to move into the two letter codes from IEC81346-2. I see from your post in this thread... "AutoCAD Electrical 2012 includes a new IEC60617 library that is based on IEC81346-2, including the optional 2-letter class designation codes". Could you tell me how I go about using the two letter option. I am using AE2016, and have extracted the full 2 letter codes from google.

Hi John! Just install the IEC60617 library and set your project properties to use that library folder. The blocks already include the 2-letter class designations. IEC Legacy installs two library folders, IEC2 (2mm text) and IEC4 (4mm text). The blocks in these two folders use the 1-letter class designations from IEC61346-2.

I have already installed the IEC60617 library but have a second library listed in the project properties, a network based library for share purposes etc, and this sits first in the list. This was based on AE2009 & therefore no 2 letter codes exist. By default, the symbols that are picked are from this network list, and not the IEC60617. I have just removed the network symbol library, and tried using the IEC60617 sitting on my local drive and sure enough - two letter code symbols have arrived. FANTASTIC. 041b061a72


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