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Episode 09: Sweet And Elite [UPD]

Sweet and ElitePart Of Season2Episode number9Original Air DateDecember 3, 2011Episode guidePreviousThe Mysterious Mare Do WellNextSecret of My ExcessSweet and Elite is the ninth Season 2 episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Episode 09: Sweet and Elite

On September 3, 2010, Lauren Faust wrote premises for this episode, originally titled "Sweetie and Elite" and listed as #211 in the Season 2 episode list, along with The Mysterious Mare Do Well, a Christmas special, and a canceled episode titled "Put a Stork in It". Only 6 days later, on September 9, Sweetie and Elite moved up to #208 in the episode list after Put a Stork in It was officially rejected, while the Christmas special was put on hiatus. The episode then switched places with The Mysterious Mare Do Well the next day, on September 10, becoming #209 as of then.

Numerous home video releases have been distributed. Shout! Factory has the DVD publishing rights for the series within Region 1. 23 five-episode DVDs and three six-episode DVDs have been released to date. The first seven seasons of the series have been released in complete DVD box sets.[5][6][7] United Kingdom-based Clear Vision has the publishing rights for the first two seasons throughout Region 2, including most of Western Europe and the Middle East;[8][9] however, the company abruptly entered administration in December 2013.[10] Madman Entertainment has the license for publishing the series via DVDs and digital downloads in Region 4.[11]

While she's stopped at a cafe with her pet cat Opal, two ponies named Jet Set and Upper Crust start asking her about her hat when a country-bumpkin window-wiper recognizes Rarity, loudly revealing her commoner roots. After the two sophisticates dismiss Rarity for being "country," she vows to show a creation worthy of Canterlot and quickly designs an elegant dress for Twilight that matches the styles of the Canterlot elite.

The Mane Six proceed to the royal castle, as Princess Celestia has graciously loaned the main ballroom for Twilight's party. Fortunately for Rarity, the Garden Party is just outside, so she starts rapidly switching between the two events. After Rarity accidentally brings in a croquet mallet from outside, Twilight discovers that she's been sneaking out, then compliments Rarity for using the opportunity to sell her designs to the Canterlot elite. Not only do Rarity's friends let her go to the Garden Party...

In this special episode of the Hog Pod, host Bo Mattingly sits down with junior guard Devo Davis to talk about his incredible performance in the second round upset of Kansas, how he constantly shows up in the biggest moments, and how the Hogs have gotten to this point.

Jace Weaver, Writer: About eight percent of Cherokees owned slaves. They were mainly the mixed-blood elite. But more and more that mixed-blood elite is adopting the lifestyle of the Southern planter culture.

I can't be the only one whose blood pressure spikes when This Is Us scenes from the future begin, and this episode's time jump definitely wasn't kidding around. Immediately following older Randall's previously-seen phone call with Toby (Chris Sullivan), adult Tess said she would call Beth soon. We then got our first glimpse of future Beth, running a dance company and telling her assistant they were seeing Randall's mother. She had promised to bring along an old pin the tail on the donkey set, which is possibly a sweet nod to the Big Three's childhood birthday parties. Have we entered this future timeline on their actual birthday?

It's finally the best time of the year again, and we will have new episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday throughout the duration of the tournament. On Wednesday's episode we will preview the Final 4 before heading to Houston. Who will win it all? 041b061a72


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